Best Bitcoin spent

In the early days of Bitcoin, you  couldn’t do much with it

Best Bitcoin video

So most of what you could do Bitcoin at the beginning was to buy more mining-equipment44 and wait for it to de delivered

Well, that’s all I did with it, there were many more things you could do with it but none of them led to good outcomes. The early wild west days of Bitcoin led to a diverse crowd of individuals from all over the planet.

Why Bitcoin had to be spent and not hoarded by early adopters

The common knowledge was, Bitcoin had to be used to be adopted. If the early adopters never used it to purchase any real good or services, the currency would never reach an audience.

Even though everyone would like to go back and keep the Bitcoin, without hard work and hustle the value would have never taken off. The supply side of the ecosystem was in place, but you couldn’t support a financial system off of microlending, gambling, and ASIC pre-orders.

I have to say I met many many great people (most never in person, as they were on the other side of the globe). Even though there were failures and scams in Bitcoin, many people were just trying to make a cutting edge product. I witnessed the growth and evolution of mining through CPU’s and botnets all the way to the last generation of publicly available ASIC systems at 28nm.  The evolution of mining through someone’s basement to massive data centers located in strategic climate friendly to high heat mining operations.

So back to the video and where it came from

Without knowing, since we can’t predict the future, BTC could have imploded and already been a distant memory. It still could, like many of the ALT coin currencies, it could have left in a huge flash and crash in the blink of an eye. So, somewhere along the way these two guys came along and wanted to earn some cash. I honestly can’t remember how I found them or what prompted me to get them to make this in the first place. The driving force was to distribute the currency in a valid way, not by giving it away. Something earned has much more value than something just given, even if it hurts.

All it leads to is a distant memory in the past and something that makes me laugh a little bit every time I see it.