Spondooliestech Holiday Special, as low as $0.31 per GH

Just in time for the holidays, Spondooliestech puts products on sale




Bitcoin Mining Hardware

SP20 Bitcoin Hardware

  • The SP20 Mini Farm is now only $7,995 or 0.31$/GH with free shipping
  • Want more than a single SP20 but 15 are too many for you? No problem, we’ve got a brand new “Nano Farm” special with three units for only $1,900, free shipping included
  • A single SP20 is now only $659

Both SP20 bundles include free shipping.

SP31 and SP35 Bitcoin Hardware

  • The SP31, the most efficient miner, can now be yours for only $2,595
  • The SP35 with 5.5 TH/s goes for $2,795

Shipping cost for the SP31 and SP35 to the US has also been updated. It starts with $220 per unit and drops with quantities.

All the units ship from stock, no preorders!

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