1BTCXE Trading Challenge presented by Crypto Capital

Prizes totaling 10 BTC have been announced in the 1BTCXE Trading Challenge.

A trading contest presented by CryptoCapital, listed on Havelock Investments.





The contest does not require fund deposit. It is a BTC trading contest using a simulated deposit amount of $100,000 USD

1BTCXE trading contest registration and rules.


5 BTC – 1st place prize

2 BTC – 2nd place  prize

1 BTC – 3rd place prize

Trezor Hardware wallet – 4th through 10th place prizes.

There are also bug report and security exploit rewards

Typos/broken links:  0.002 BTC

Functionality: 0.005 BTC

Security exploits: 0.1 BTC

 The 1BTCXE Trading Challenge runs from September 9th to 19th.

The final chapter of Dogecoin

The rise and fall of Dogecoin

A quick and brutal lesson in economic failure

Dogecoin basics:
  • Dogecoin was launched December 2013
  • 100 Billion coins to mined with an additional inflation rate  of 5.2 Billion per year
  • The main economic usage was tipping on Reddit
  • Scrypt algorithm that was mainly extended the life of GPU mining for a short time
  • Currently 91 Billion coins have been mined according to  Dogechain.info
Dogecoin mascot








The main focus of the coin coupled with the massively increasing currency base spelled doom from the start.  The demise of Dogecoin unfortunately was the spirit of the coin, scrypt mining and social media pumping the price.

Dogecoin value peaked at $81 million USD in February 2014 when the Dogecoin community started raising funds for the Jamaican Bobsled team to go to the Olympics.

In March a twitter Dogecoin donation was made in the amount of $11,000 USD to a charity raising funds for clean water. This made headlines worldwide, halting the slide in value temporarily.

Later in March 2014, the Dogecoin community sponsored a Nascar driver at Talladega speedway. This was the last real positive publicity for the coin, as the price decline continued.

Currently the Dogecoin market cap is $11 Million USD, but with almost no exchange volume supporting the price.

Dogecoin provided one of the quickest lessons in economics available. Currency can not have a infinite supply and maintain prices. If the USD can not do it, a meme based altcoin definitely will not be able to.

In the end currency is not meant to be fair, it is meant to be difficult to obtain. When it is no longer special or unique suddenly no one is willing to expend energy obtaining it.

Goodbye Dogecoin, the story was short and painful to watch.


BTC-e Bitcoin exchange steps up security

Popular BTC-e Bitcoin exchange steps up security against hacking.

BTC-e Bitcoin exchange






BTC-e is responding to the ever increasing threat of hacking in Bitcoin by adding 3 new security measures, available to customers immediately.

Hacking attempts are prevalent in Bitcoin, making security upgrades of paramount importance. Earlier this week cannabis road, a Silkroad replacement, was hacked for over $100,000 USD worth of Bitcoin. How the attack was accomplished is still unknown.


Dear BTC-e Customers!

We’ve updated the Security section of the Profile. 3 new features were added:

1. White list of IP addresses

Now you can allow access to your account only from IPs / IP ranges specified by you.
Please note that these settings will be applied after your next login. All previous open sessions will still have access to your account. 

2. The list of most recent logins to the account

You can see the list of 30 most recent login attempts to your account on this page. The following login attempts are considered unsuccessful: wrong password or one-time password, login from the IP not stated in the White list.

3. Open account sessions

On this page you can check open sessions on your account and close them if necessary.

When properly used, these features will improve the security of your account and assets.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team