Butterflylabs Raided, Fact or FUD?

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In interesting developments, reports of Butterflylabs raided have been surfacing.  Is this fact or fud?


butterflylabs raided
Butterflylabs raided? or just fud?







Butterflylabs is about as universally hated as you can be in the world of Bitcoin, that is a fact. The rumors of Butterflylabs raided by an agency are so far unfounded , but no statement has been released by the company.

This rumor comes not too long after the last rumor about BFL, part being true and the other parts not answered. The first rumor was started by a supposed former BFL employee, that correctly outed a bitcointalk.org forum member as being BFL staff.

This was in best case, a very poor choice on the part of BFL and the forum member, as it lead to even greater distrust from the community. This came out about the same time Josh from BFL was caught using multiple user names possibly posing as clients.

The other parts of the first rumor I won’t go into, as they are personal attacks on individuals.

This new rumor is that BFL was raided by an enforcement agency, possibly the US Marshals service on Friday the 19th. It has been a persistent rumor, questions about the raid have been deleted from the BFL forums.

The only response from the company is from VP Josh Zerlan stating they do not generally comment on Bitcointalk.org topics, and later stating “This one seems particularly persistent. I will see what I can do.”

Given the past criminal problems of Butterflylabs executives, including a federal probation extension due to undisclosed financial activity, it would seem plausible that they were visited by authorities.

Given the nature of Bitcointalk.org, it is just as plausible that this is all complete non sense, having no basis in reality.

Time will tell if this was fact or fud?


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