Hashmine Bitcoin mining pool

Hashmine Bitcoin Mining pool is growing rapidly.  The best mining pool you have never heard of… yet.


Hashmine Bitcoin
Hashmine: The first and last mining pool you need
Hashmine.io, brought to you by Kano, Conman, WVR and Aphorise.

The pool is in the final stages of private load testing, and is invite only currently. Public launch of the pool will be in the next few days and will be updated immediately.

The front end user interface is being finalized to allow end user share and statistics tracking.  Graphs and charts will be available and undergoing continual development.

Security: At Hashmine security is the focus.

Some Bitcoin pools in the past have taken reactive measures to malicious users, losing Bitcoins along the way. Hashmine has been written by some of the premier Linux and Bitcoin developers, to help ensure security.

Hashmine will be using support staff with experience in Bitcoin to help monitor the pool. This will help catch issues promptly, mitigating any threats proactively instead of reactively .

 Stratum rewritten in c to scale exponentially

We use ckpool written by Conman in c.  It adheres to the Stratum protocol, but is much leaner and scalable than in python… so with us its just bitcoind + ckpool… that is why we can operate at cpu loads of 1% or 2%.

Decentralized Mining and low variance

The pool is currently operating at 1.6 PH, so variance is not much of an issue. At the current difficulty of 23.8 Billion Hashmine will find 1.35 blocks per day on average. This puts the pool in the sweet spot of steady payouts with low variance.

Keeping hash power decentralized is an important concern for anyone using Bitcoin. Honest operators that not only know how to run a Bitcoin mine, but also improve the Bitcoin network are vitally important.

Hashmine.io: The first and last mining pool you need.

Spondoolies SP31 Yukon October batch

The Spondoolies SP31 is available to order for late October delivery.


Spondoolies SP31 Yukon Enhanced



Shipping in the second half of October, the Spondoolies SP31 hashes at 5.5TH. The power draw is the same as the SP30, using 3000W.

Spondoolies SP31
SP31 delivery in October





Setting at new price of only $0.71 per GH ($3920), the unit is standalone with power supplies included.

  • Still housed in a slim 2U case
  • 220V is recommended
  • Hosting through Spondoolies-tech is available

Available through Spondoolies-Tech.com


The return of Ozcoin mining pool

Ozcoin mining pool never totally went away, but the hash power at the pool had dwindled down, leading to very long periods between blocks.

The longest time between blocks for Ozco was a brutal 51 day stretch totaling 42 Billion shares submitted.

ozcoin mining pool
Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie





Ozco.in, an Australian Bitcoin mining pool.  Operated by Graet, has been a fixture in Bitcoin  for a very long time. Honest operation and customer support are the core of this pool.

The switch from GPU mining to ASIC mining redistributed global hashpower , leaving a time period where small to medium size pools all but disappeared. This has been returning to a more normal state as ASIC’s have become widespread and concerns of centralization appear.

I was checking on all the public pools and was very happy to see Ozcoin mining pool with over 1PH . I also see that they opened a Chinese mainland mining node at

cn.ozco.in:3333 and cn.ozco.in:80 


ozcoin mining pool
Ozco taking a bite






Looks like Ozco has returned for some more, we will have to see how much blood they leave in the water.

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