Spoondoolies Delivers First SP30

Reports are already coming in of the SP30 by Spoondoolies-Tech in action. Units are showing at least the 4.5TH that Spoondoolies reported, no reports of power usage yet. Based on the excellent communication from Spoondoolies in the last few weeks I am sure that they are right on the 3000W target.

Spoondoolies has to be applauded for excellent communication and response to their customers. It is never easy to communicate bad news, especially when HashFast, Cointerra and BFL are the ones you are being compared to.

Spoondoolies has also committed to compensation for the lower hash rate/higher power usage, so as long as they fulfill this obligation it looks like the SP30 and Spoondoolies did a great job.

SP30 hashrate showing 4.4 TH for 3 hours.

Spoondoolies-Tech updates Power Draw/Hash Rate

Spoondoolies-Tech update.

Dear Customers,

After a close inspection of the first ASICs, I’m pleased to announce that the ASICs are fully functional. Made from industrial grade, sophisticated hardware, the SP30 is now the best mining rig available in the market.

For units produced up to and including September, the SP30′s hash rate will be 4.5TH/s +- 5%. Power consumption will be 3KW at the wall.

With additional tuning of the production process for October and onwards, we expect future SP30s to deliver a hash-rate of 5.5 +- 5%, with power consumption of 3KW at the wall.

For customers who have already placed orders and are awaiting delivery, our priority is to ensure on-time delivery of your machines so you can immediately start seeing ROI. I am therefore very pleased to report that we will meet our original delivery schedule and provide all customers with on-time delivery.

For customers receiving units before October, we will adjust the price of your machines consistent with the 4.5TH/s +- 5% hash rate. Compensation will be based on preserving the $/GH ratio of the original deal. Starting in October, we will compensate you for the differential in hashing power according to each customer’s preference. We will contact each and every one of you over the next few weeks to discuss your preferred method of compensation.

As always, we are at your disposal for any questions or inquiries.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support as we continue to develop the world’s best mining products and services.

Best Regards,

Guy Corem

4.5TH with a 3000W power draw is the updated specs for the SP-30. Delivery is still expected to be on time.

The main factor out of this update is the power draw at 3000W, and how customers will deal with it.

Discus Fish

Chinese mining pool Discus Fish has added English support, and is reaching out to Bitcointalk.org members.

English support and English staff here, in addition to offering PPS explains the recent rise in the pool hashrate, stated at 28,500 TH.

In the last 24 hours Discus Fish has passed Ghash.Io as the largest  mining pool by block volume. This can easily be a short term phenomenon or could signal a end to the dominance of Ghash.