Butterflylabs 28nm chips are fully functional

BFL Josh ‏@BFL_Josh 6m RevB chips are fully functional. Metal layer fix did the trick!   For those of us still waiting on BFL equipment, this looks like good news. Here is to hoping the mounting and PCBs are all good to go with no problems. I had a chance to see the cooling system and it was very impressive, the copper cooling block was heavy enough to use as a weapon. I will be very interested to see the final power and speed results.

Blockchain.info down to DDOS attack 04/21/2014

We are seeing significantly higher than usual traffic volumes due to DDoS attacks on our servers.

Some users may not be able to access our services.

We are working to resolve the issue and will inform you when services are 100% returned.

Your wallets and funds are safe; if you have not made a backup of your wallet, please do so once services return. If you do have a backup, click this link for instructions on how to import a backup into Multibit.

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